Election 2016

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Here is a screenshot from Nate Silver’s 538 Blog pertaining to the state of Arizona on the 17th of October, 2016.

Three weeks before election day, Clinton has a clear majority of the vote, and Silver gave her a 65% chance of winning the state.

Today, Trump is favored to with the state by a 75% chance.

What happened in the last three weeks to flip Arizona (and about 5 other key states)?

FBI director James Comey wrote his letter to Congress about reopening Clinton’s email investigation.  It was a total red herring, a political stunt.

The Ups and Downs

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After Iowa Standoff

“The uncertain outcome in Iowa dealt a jolting psychological blow to the Clinton campaign, leaving volunteers, donors and aides confused throughout the night, and then crestfallen.” (Chozick, Healy & Alcindor, NY Times, 2/3/2016)

I wish … but the Times is exaggerating.  Certainly, Sanders didn’t have much to celebrate either.  There’s no way the Clinton campaign is crestfallen about winning Iowa, even by a small margin.

Film Screening January 11, 2016

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Peace Action Manhattan

P.O. Box 10 Planetarium Station, New York, NY  10024    Phone: 212-580-1504

Email: peaceactman@gmail.com              www.panys.org/PAM/


3rd Annual Report of the Secretaries of Defense (1989)

Caspar Weinberger, Frank Carlucci, Robert McNamara, James Schlesinger, Donald Rumsfeld

No New Posts

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I haven’t posted anything in here for months. The Vigil is still going on. We protest war, defense spending, skewed budget priorities. We need singers, musicians, dramatists to join us.

I’ve rediscovered James Taylor. I wrote him off — with justification — in the eighties. But I didn’t realize that he came back and recovered his quality and form. Also, he’s still touring and making public appearances and, will, hopefully, record some more original work.

His stature as an American musician is second-to-none, and as a cultural icon, he’s approaching the top, too. I confess I haven’t listened to anything new that he’s recorded since 1998. He has done at least one album of new stuff, plus a couple of live albums. Still, I’m hoping he makes it into the studio one more time… at least. The guy is amazing.


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Vigil Edited.doc – Google Docs.

Internet spying

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Google updates policy to track users across all of its services – latimes.com.

Why Is It So Hard To Write?

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I guess we need to tell The New Paltz Times that Mary died last night. We’re writing a letter on her passing for friends and family. She’s gone now.

Poor Loretta must feel really down. She’s exhausted, too.

i’m better than I was. I’m now on Calzaprone, or something like that, the generic form of Adavan, and I’m sleeping some every night. I just woke up because of horrible leg cramps.

But I can concentrate again. I no longer feel like my attention span is as seen through a pinhole cmera, a black field of vision pierced by a solitary field of light and color. My fear about sleeping is subsiding now, replaced byte looming fear of returning to work on Tuesday.

new chips

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last night my wife took me to see the new Tom Hanks movie, extremely loud, incredibly close which we have been discussing today. there were a lot of interesting points to raise, which we did in discussions today, but not last night.

loretta said that last night i absolutely ruined the viewing experience for her within minutes of leaving the theater. at that time i had said that i really enjoyed the film, found it emotionally moving and intellectually engaging. the story was good, too. but the directors took you to the 9/11 bank of psycho affect without ever letting on that 9/11 was an inside job–an insurance scam cooked up to avoid the cost of renovating the buildings in order to bring them up to code.

then loretta says that i ruined it. actually, the film was cashing in on a lie.

so we talked about the film today instead. no problem. we talked about the significance of the grandfather, yada yada yada.

oh, another thing that sucked about that movie was the popcorn. i spent $7.75 on a large that tasted like it had been popped days ago.

so tonight loretta whips out these new chips, cape cod kettle cooked 40% reduced fat mesquite barbecue.

i’ve never been a barbecue chip guy. sometimes i’d eat a few if that’s all there was. but i generally avoid them like parking tickets.

but wo. these new chips are off the hook. i even went back in the kitchen after i ate to surreptitiously let a few more land in my bowl even though i’m supposedly on a diet. no one was looking. i got away with it. these chips are f**king great!

Lost Pipes

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A cardboard box packed with tobacco smoking pipes is missing at 255 W. 108th Street. It’s not in my closet, which is where it could have been hiding without being discovered until I emptied the closet in a protracted search yesterday.

At times like this, I wonder how I manage to keep track of anything I own.

I don’t remember what pipes are in there. I’ve been fantasizing about it. The pipe box has to be upstate. Don’t know exactly where, but it must be in a box on a shelf in the basement or the garage.


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The biggest factor negatively impacting my quality of life right now is that I can’t sleep. There was a point last week when I had gone seven full days with no more than 2 hours of fitful rest on any given night. When I walked, I staggered like a drunk. I was completely exhausted and incapable of concentrating on anything, incapable of doing anything.

Right now it’s almost 2:00 o’clock AM and I can’t fall asleep. So, I’m here typing. I did have almost 3 hours total of naps today so far, though. Still, if I am not able to rest, I can’t reasonably be going back to work. I was scheduled to return on Wednesday–three days from now.

Did I mention that it’s 20 degrees outside? There’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. But at times like this, I FEAR trying to fall asleep. There is nothing more frustrating. I can lay down, exhausted, but feel an inexorable pressure to get up out of bed.

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