Before Christmas 2018

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The government shut down today over failure to pass a spending bill. Trump wanted $5 billion for his border wall and the Democrats wouldn’t vote for it. There was no ability to compromise.

Of course our entire system is suspect now since the revelations of Russian influence in the 2016 election, and afterward.

For example, it’s understood that border security is one of the major platforms of Putin in Russia, as well as other authoritarian leaders in Europe. It causes a psychological dependence-through-fear on the part of the dictator’s popular political base.

This is why Trump continues to elevate this issue. It plays strongly to the nationalist, Caucasian racists who comprise his base, and it further ramps up reinforcement of the “us vs. them” mindset engendered by fascist dictators.

Not only does this solidify his base of support, but it lays the groundwork for future xenophobic regulations that will generally weaken the freedom and political rights of Americans. For example, this is one of the main reasons for voter I.d.laws: to keep illegal immigrants from voting , to combat “voter fraud.” But since there is virtually no voter fraud, it’s understood that it’s to keep poor, minority, student and elderly from voting, favoring Trump’s base, who are largely working class Caucasians.


Red Shift, Explained

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According to Hartmann, via Joe Madison, it’s because of uncounted Provisional Ballots.

Why are exit polls so consistently wrong in red states, showing a higher percentage of GOP votes cast in the voting booth than GOP votes counted by exit polls?

Supposedly, the theory now goes, a lot of red states have used purging of the voter rolls, prior to an election, to target Democratic-leaning voters–such as minorities, students and the poor elderly–to force such voters to have to utilize provisional ballots.

Typically, such voters arrive at the polls unaware that they have been purged, and are only able to cast a provisional ballot, not a regular ballot.  If they don’t follow up over the next 48-72 hours and confirm their identity and address, their provisional ballot is then tossed out, uncounted.

The voters, however, will report to exit pollsters that they did indeed vote for the Democratic candidate, creating a discrepancy between the exit poll and the official vote count, a so-called, “red shift.”

Any Day

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I couldn’t post to my blog at work because, I don’t know, Weil must have blocked me somehow. But I got this free app for my phone, and now I can post on my phone.

A day is such a huge big deal.

I find I consider the average person to be poor, and that seems to offer, and that means we potentates focus only on equalizing opportunity … what I was getting at is that a day is everything that is.  To deem another person poor who is alive is overlooking the fact that each one of us is a fully complete entity, with an inheritance so great it can’t even be estimated.

We are of the stars, the planets, the oceans and the sun.  We are of each other, and those who precede us, and all those who will succeed us are with us now, in and among us now, coaxing us another step forward to the habitation of the infinite, the perfect dwelling place of God.  It’s here now.  Has been here, and it’s coming, but we don’t see it because we are each becoming more perfect along with everything else.

Where Did He Get That Voice?

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Robert Reich on the Economy

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Tough Writing

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Really struggling with the mechanics of using this blog the last couple of weeks.  Had to spend hours on line in a chat with a human who works for Word Press.  Hoping the situation has been resolved.  I couldn’t save anything.

Reflections From A Tardy Autumn

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It’s incredible that this blog entry didn’t publish.  I spent over an hour working on it last Friday, and then it blew up when I tried to save it.

Getting Off, by Erica Garza

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Just read a review of a sex addict’s biography.  I could identify with the sense of helplessness and alienation.  I’ve certainly felt pushed into the role of self-proclaimed sex addict.  But now I think that being addicted to sex is like being addicted to water, or sunlight.

It’s not something you ever give up, like drugs, alcohol or cigarets.  It’s more like a facet of being human that one is better off bringing into  line with the rest of a healthy balanced character.

However, given the particularly pointed aspect of sexuality in my life currently, I think I’ll read the book.

Maybe the only solution to my sexual unhappiness is to write about it.

Goodbye to Robert Parry

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Bob was on a panel about AI and nuclear weapons two or three years ago.  I wrote a question and it was the first one Helen Caldecott, the moderator, asked the panel.  “Is the Pentagon now controlling American media and politics?”

Bob grabbed the mike, and said, “Yes.  This started in the Reagan Administration, when Casper Weinberger, the Defense Secretary, put a CIA operative in charge of White House communications.”

Bernie’s Response To Trump

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I found it to be a great relief.  Apparently, judging by the thumbs-up/thumbs-down, about 1% of those who viewed this didn’t like it.

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