Still Don’t Believe It

January 2, 2019 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

In five minutes it will be 2019. I still don’t believe how pathetically primitive we are!

I creep around all the time looking for nooks and crevices to hide in, where I can be safe from the crossfire of other people–their world views, their visions, their words, their opinions.

I still don’t believe there is no sustained awareness of our collective mind, our unity.

ha ha ha…  We think we’re each as important individually as important can be.

But, not only can no one serve two masters, but no one can even think of two separate ideas—or even visualize two distinct images—simultaneously.

So how do we think we’re going to get anywhere from “Security”  or, “Protecting American interests?”  Peace is not something we can enforce.

If the thing we’re preparing for is war, we’re not going to suddenly find ourselves at peace.  We will only come to peace along the path that follows our persistent vision of peace, confirmed in our minds and wills with every step we take unswerving toward our determined goal:  embracing the earth and our fellow man, scattering our weapons, and teaching peace with our actions, proclaiming peace with our every word.


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