Here From the Four Corners of the Cosmos

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Last week, on January 23, I was returning to normal, the hard way. After weeks of delusional babbling and stumbling over connections that seemed far-fetched (at best), not to mention the kicking away of the stool of my support networks, eight days on a locked psych ward, oh yeah–and trying to work through the damage control in my relationships–I was riding my bicycle back to normalsville and a life of repeatable, successful and reasonable actions.
The seat on that old, steel-frame Peugot is too low and I haven’t been able to get a longer replacement seat post.* Still, it’s more comfortable than the mountain bike I ride.

I pulled up at Richard Brown’s for the local executive board meeting of Peace Action, and who should I see in the lobby of the building?
Frances Unsell. Frances Unsell–nothing like a memorable flat tire or a Chinese New Year celebration missed due to lack of correct address.
She kept saying, “Connecticut,” “I live in Connecticut,” “I just came down from ‘Connecticut.'”

What if you run into somebody you haven’t seen in 25 years and they decide –after they recognize you– that they would really rather not talk to you, anyway?

By the time I finished talking to the doorman and turned back to where she was standing, she was gone, apparently left across the lobby, out the door to the parking lot and on her way back to Connecticut.”

Brian Green and Mishio Kaku
Green and Kaku are saying that there may be a different underlying structure to the universe than we learned from Newton and Einstein. In the space-time continuum there are possibilities such as the idea that we don’t each inhabit our own separate corner of the universe–that those points in space and all overlap and intersect. Furthermore, anything that can happen, does happen, in other dimensions (right here) that we normally don’t experience in our common three-dimensional sensory mode.
Running into Frances Unsell that night was like traveling to some other dimension where space and time converged from different corners of the map, of history, and overlapped right there in the lobby of Richard’s building.

Besides, isn’t “Connecticut” on some other planet, anyway?


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