The Coming of the Cosmic Agents

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In The Matrix, Anderson knows he’s being watched, followed, and when the agents come to his job, he knows they’re after him for proscribed activity.  They’re bad guys.

The Cosmic Agents that are coming to rectify our situation now are not bad guys.  The only ones who think they’re the bad guys are the actual bad guys.  Bad guys think good guys are bad guys, right?

A Vampire Squid thinks Lloyd Bridges and Jacques Cousteau are evil.

The Koch Brothers and Big Coal (and their minions, like Marsha Blackburn) think Al Gore is Snidely Whiplash.

The new Agents are different though.

The new Agents are coming to restore a healthy balance in nature, justice among mankind, and peace over the earth for everybody.  They will do it out of knowledge of what is good and righteous, and their ability to carry that out–not on the basis of what benefits one group or sub-group of the population.  We can no longer perform evil deeds while making the excuse, “I didn’t know!”

The cosmic consensus of righteousness and love exists independently of what we (think we) know or don’t know.  The coming Cosmic Agents will uphold the truth independently of us.  It will no longer matter whether we believe or know the truth.

The Smartest Animal

When I was a child my parents took (all of ) us to the Washington Zoo during one of our famous family vacation by station wagon trips.

In those days, the pens and cages had plaques that identified the animal by species and by their place in the order of animals, ie. fastest, biggest, hungriest, longest, etc…

At an empty pen with the plaque, “The Most Intelligent Animal,” there was a small mirror.

We have to restore the consciousness of truth and self-honesty in ourselves like we used to do in our children.  We may be the victims of our own errors, not because we don’t know the truth, but because we are unwilling to accept it.  The Agents will uphold the truth whether we are willing to accept responsibility for it or not.

The Good News

The Agents are already here, and many more are coming very soon.  The true change the world has been waiting for is beginning now.

The Cosmic Agents cannot be stopped, for they are empowered by the Universe itself.  They have already begun to set everything right.  Truth demands righteousness.  It is infallible.

That’s why the Agents coming to set everything right are already here and the change is begun for good now.


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