Al Jazeera English on Drones

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Ya know, the argument is that everybody has the right to a fair trial of their peers if they’re suspected of committing a crime.

On the traditional battlefield, this right was waived in a “trial by combat” in which “justice” would favor the stronger, more righteous combatant.

But now, the world or “Satan” uses the killer instinct to completely dethrone justice from the human consciousness. Killing is now justified on the basis of superior technology and propaganda.

In 2007, CIA director Michael Hayden began lobbying the White House for “permission to carry out strikes against houses or cars merely on the basis of behaviour that matched a ‘pattern of life’ associated with al-Qaeda or other groups.” And next thing you knew, they were moving from a few attempted targeted assassinations toward a larger air war of annihilation against types and “behaviours”.

Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

I don’t know about you, but it’s murder to use lethal weapons on people who have neither been arrested nor charged with crimes, isn’t it?

Just because we have the newsclout to scare everybody into thinking it’s okay, it’s not okay. It’s murder.

People say, “Well, it’s common practice now … you can’t stop it …”

Stop the murder of innocent people–murder in our name!

Stop the drones!


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