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One thing the news hasn’t been reporting about Omar Khaddafi is that he isn’t overweight. I am, but the news hasn’t been reporting that, either. It’s the unthinkable, curve-ball, X-factor in my world view that seems to foul up the whole picture.

If one generation is considered to be roughly twenty years, then two thousand years is only one hundred generations. Ten thousand years is only 500 generations. Five hundred thousand years is 25,000 generations.

What we consider to be the past isn’t really Past. It’s just the earlier phase of the present. It’s not SEPARATE from now. Now is a COMPLETE CONTINUATION of the past, as far back as we want to go. The past never went away. It just became the present–and that’s only because my body-contained consciousness is very limited in time to what I call the present, which is really just MY PRESENT or ME.


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