March 7,2011

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Need a band-aid on my right hand middle finger. On Sunday morning I was sitting in Mary’s easy chair in her living room, soon after I had taken a video of her sitting on the couch with Lizzy and Bailey. I was drinking coffee from a yellow ceramic mug that I had never used before. I found myself pushing my thumb against the mug while holding the handle firmly. Suddenly, the mug broke free of the handle and fell into the center of the room, spilling coffee on the rug.

For a second, I was sitting there stunned, holding a yellow ceramic coffee cup handle in my right hand, trying to decide what happened and what I should do.

I immediately felt like a liar because I just pretended to be completely surprised and taken aback without giving anybody a clue that I had been pressing my thumb against the mug while holding the handle.

Loretta and Ethan sort of jumped up to clean the rug. I didn’t move. But then I noticed my finger was bleeding.

I just sat there and Loretta cleaned and bandaged my finger for me, then put a plastic covering over the fingertip. She said it’s a trick she started using because she gets so many cuts on her hands, and has to wash her hands so many times a day. She said she cuts the finger in question off of a plastic glove and covers the band-aid with it so it doesn’t get ruined when she washes her hands.


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